Singapore Science Park to hold 5G smart estate trial

The Singapore Science Park will conduct a 5G smart estate trial  – including the the testing of 5G-enabled Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) technologies, which claims to be  the first use-cases in Southeast Asia to develop and testbed  intelligent mobility solutions in a commercial space.

“As one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups, CapitaLand is able to leverage our scale to pilot impactful large-scale projects and testbed new technologies,” said Manohar Khiatani, senior executive director, CapitaLand Group, which operates and managed the technology park.

CapitaLand is partnering NavInfo DataTech and TPG Telecom to set up the Lion City’s largest 5G smart estate trial site at Singapore Science Park, with the support of Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore.

“This reinforces Singapore Science Park’s position as a living lab for co-innovation and a catalyst for industry transformation, supporting Singapore’s drive towards the digital economy.  We will continue to leverage technologies and test new ideas to bring innovative real estate products and services to our customers in Singapore and beyond,” Khiatani said.

First use cases

The 5G smart estate trial and C-V2X technology are key pillars of the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab that CapitaLand is setting up at Singapore Science Park.

The Lab aims to provide the industry and the public with a unique opportunity to discover, develop, test and deploy new, sustainable smart city products, services and solutions.  These projects are supported under a S$40 million fund by IMDA and National Research Foundation to build an open and inclusive 5G Innovation ecosystem.

“I am encouraged to see industry partners come together to develop innovative 5G services for businesses and consumers. IMDA invites more industry players to join us in developing a vibrant 5G ecosystem as part of Singapore’s Digital Economy,” said IMDA chief executive Tan Kiat How.

Industry players and Singapore Science Park customers who are interested to leverage the 5G infrastructure to develop and trial new and innovative solutions can submit their use-cases through the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab.

These use-cases can include solutions that would benefit from low latency and increased data rates of 5G such as drones and augmented reality/virtual reality applications.  Moreover, subscribers of TPG Telecom, with compatible 5G devices, will also be able to enjoy 5G services for the first time in Singapore.

The finer details

TPG Telecom will deploy an advanced 5G trial network with better than 99% 3.5GHz outdoor coverage across Singapore Science Parks 1 and 2 by 2020.  This will be based on a commercially ready 5G core that follows 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 15, the newest 5G standard.  When Release 16 is finalised in 2020, it will feature even higher speeds and data capacity transmissions while reducing network latency by up to 10 times.  3GPP Release 16 is expected to support enhancements such as Industrial Internet-of-Things and advanced automotive connectivity.

“TPG has deep engineering knowledge and expertise, and we are committed to track the rapidly evolving 5G 3GPP developments to bring the true benefits of 5G for the greater good of all industry collaborators on this platform,” said Richard Tan, managing director and acting CEO, TPG Telecom said. “We are pleased to partner with CapitaLand and NavInfo to deliver a full coverage 5G network in support of Singapore’s first 5G smart estate use-case.”

Meanwhile, NavInfo DataTech, which specialises on advanced Geographic Information System solutions across transport, planning, and logistics industries, will provide technology know-how, domain expertise, and necessary infrastructure to set up their proprietary High Definition Global Navigation Satellite System, Cloud Control Platform and Highly Autonomous Driving maps for Singapore Science Park.

The 5G-enabled C-V2X smart estate testbed will include smart mobility assets like autonomous vehicles, smart mobility infrastructure technologies, and in-car experience solutions.

“We are keen to demonstrate our advanced mobility solutions in a complex commercial setting that will deliver enhanced connectivity and safety within the park, while improving quality of life for tenants and visitors alike, all enabled by a pervasive 5G network.  As much as the industry learnings here are crucial, the local capability development opportunity in this rapidly expanding field of smart mobility will be extremely impactful,” said Jonathan Ng, CEO, NavInfo DataTech .

Source:, 7 Nov 2019

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