Viva Business Park

Viva Business Park

750 Chai Chee Road | 750A Chai Chee Road | 750B Chai Chee Road | 750C Chai Chee Road | 750D Chai Chee Road | 750E Chai Chee Road

Viva Business Park is a mixed-use commercial development located at Chai Chee Road. The development consists of 6 blocks with retail, F&B and business park space.

The business park offers both large and small office options, and has a full range of amenities such as a fitness centre(True Fitness), childcare centre and parcel pick-up stations (BluPort / POP-station). Viva Business Park has also become a retail destination with anchor tenants such as Decathalon & Harvey Norman.

The office tenants of Viva have access to a wide range of food options to choose from, with F&B in the development and coffee shops and supermarkets within close walking distance.


By public transport:
Viva is 2 bus stops from both Bedok MRT and Kembangan MRT; commuters can take any of the 6 public bus services in operation.

By car:
Ample parking lots are available within the compounds and in the nearby HDB carparks

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Business Park Space For Rent

AddressFloorGuide PSFApprox Size (sqft) Guide Price $ (negotiable) Remarks
750 Chai Chee Road#03$3.6011,000$39,600Full length window unit.
750A Chai Chee Road#07$3.50450 to 6,695
750A Chai Chee Road#08$3.009,000$27,000Entire floor plate with exclusive lift lobby, roof terrace
750B Chai Chee Road#02$3.505,100$17,850
750B Chai Chee Road#03$3.506,200$21,700Full length window unit.
750B Chai Chee Road#03$3.506,300$22,050
750B Chai Chee Road#03$3.504,600$16,100
750B Chai Chee Road#03$3.509,700$33,950
750B Chai Chee Road#04$3.503,700$12,950
750B Chai Chee Road#04$3.507,300$25,550
750C Chai Chee Road#01$3.502,400$8,400
750C Chai Chee Road#02/ #03 / #04$2.80 to $3.50530 to 3,100
750D Chai Chee Road#04$3.5012,500$43,750
750D Chai Chee Road#08$3.5010,400$36,400Top floor with good view
750E Chai Chee Road#01$3.007,000$21,000Fitted unit with water points & toilets
750E Chai Chee Road#03$3.001,270 to 52,000
750E Chai Chee Road#05$3.6010,500$37,800
750E Chai Chee Road#07$3.605,300$19,080

*Disclaimer: Prices reflected above are guide prices and subject to change by management at any time.

Retail For Rent

Suitable for: Commercial school, lifestyle, dental, clinic, F&B, supermarket

AddressFloor Guide PSF Size (sqft)Guide Price (negotiable)
750 Chai Chee Road#01$10.00625$6,250
750 Chai Chee Road#01$10.00625$6,250
750 Chai Chee Road#01$10.0010,600$106,000
750 Chai Chee Road#01$10.001,000$10,000
750 Chai Chee Road#01$10.003,080$30,800
750 Chai Chee Road#01$10.001,630$16,300
750 Chai Chee Road#01$10.001,700$17,000

*Disclaimer: Prices reflected above are guide prices and subject to change by management at any time.

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