CT Hub

CT Hub

2 Kallang Avenue / 114 Lavender Street

CT Hub is a mixed-use development consisting of F&B, retail and B1 industrial space. Located in a cluster of industrial buildings in the Kallang district, the development was built in 2 phases, and named CT Hub 1 and CT Hub 2 respectively.

Location & Accessibility

CT Hub enjoys a city-fringe location; it is a 3-minute walk to Bendemeer MRT and a short 15-minute drive to the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore.  The development is strategically located for its ground floor tenants to enjoy good footfall traffic as it provides a sheltered walkway for pedestrians from the surrounding buildings to get to the MRT station.

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For Rent

CT Hub 1

Property AddressFloor Guide PSF Size (sqft) Guide Price $ (negotiable) AvailableUsage
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$7.00893$6,251ImmediateF&B
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$7.00985$6,895ImmediateF&B
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$6.50312$2,028ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$6.50850$5,525ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$6.501,550$10,075ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$6.501,119$7,274ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$6.501,141$7,417ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang AvenueGround floor$7.504,068$30,510ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.00538$3,228ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.00926$5,556ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.001,658$9,948ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.001,119$6,714ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.00721$4,326ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.00850$5,100ImmediateRetail
2 Kallang Avenue#02$5.501,023$5,627ImmediateF&B
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.40883$5,651ImmediateF&B
2 Kallang Avenue#02$6.40883$5,651ImmediateF&B
2 Kallang Avenue#03$4.201,001$4,204ImmediateOffice

CT Hub 2

Property AddressFloor Guide PSF Size (sqft) Guide Price $ (negotiable) AvailableUsage
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00355$2,485ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00355$2,485ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00398$2,786ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00398$2,786ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00355$2,485ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00355$2,485ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00323$2,261ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender StreetGround floor$7.00344$2,408ImmediateF&B
114 Lavender Street#06$6.20646$4,005ImmediateOffice
114 Lavender Street#06$6.20678$4,204ImmediateOffice
114 Lavender Street#06$6.00657$3,942ImmediateOffice
114 Lavender Street#06$6.00689$4,134ImmediateOffice

*Disclaimer: Prices reflected above are guide prices and subject to change by management at any time.

accessibility & location


Located near the city centre, Kallang district is a popular choice for companies who want to be located city-fringe in the East of Singapore. Industrial buildings are located in clusters in Kallang, along Kallang Ave, Boon Keng, Kallang Bahru and in Kallang Distripark.

Besides industrial estates, there is also a good mix of residential estates and recreational amenities in the area. The Urban Redevelopment Authority(URA) has planned for enhancement of green spaces, parks and water ways to create a nicer environment for people to live, work and play. Kallang is also where the iconic Singapore Sports Hub resides.

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