Buying a commercial property in Singapore, especially buying an office, is often thought of as a good financial investment for those who can afford it. Unlike residential properties, commercial properties are open for sale to any nationality and do not incur ABSD (additional buyer stamp duty). For more information on taxes payable such as BSD, income tax and GST, refer to the IRAS website.

For those familiar with the Singapore property market, good buys are few and far between for the individual investor. Most of the office buildings in the prime districts are owned by property developers and large organisations. However, there is still a handful of strata commercial properties worth buying in Singapore for the interested investor.

Why buy commercial property in Singapore?

More often than not, buyers fall into 2 categories – buying an office for own-use or buying a property for investment. Whether you fall into the former or latter category, we still recommend for you to buy a commercial property which can bring you good rental income with the potential for capital gain in the future.


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